The variety and quality of the services offered by Firenze Fiera to the exhibition organisers and participants are distinguishing marks of our business, as well as the key success factors of our events .

Our challenge is to give all our clients a range of services meeting the quality and the uniqueness of our venues.

From set-ups to catering, from decorations, telecommunications to a new Wi-Fi system of “4th generation”, which provides the connection to the exhibition in absolute safety, high density and with a full range of services.

Firenze Fiera gives you all you need to organise an efficient event and to ensure that participants have a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Let us know about you and we will show you what Firenze Fiera has in store for you!

This way, you will receive more information on our various facilities and you will be able to download brochures and technical specifications, as well as find the direct contacts of the people in charge of the various departments.